Indian CZ Earrings

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Plating ColourTwo Tone
Stone ColourChampagne
Stone SizeMix

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Metal Base Metal used in this Earring is High Quality Brass with a higher Copper Content. A higher content of Copper makes Brass superior.Does not contain any Harmful which cause allergic reactions or rashes.
Interesting Facts Though these Party Wear Earrings are big and bold yet they are super light, so that you can wear them for long durations without feeling the weight.
Gemstone Setting Process Hand Setting by expert craftsmen. See our Manufacturing Photo Album to know how we carefully handset each and every gemstone in these Earrings and in the rest of our Jewelry.
Plating Process Original 24 carat gold and Pure Rhodium is used to electroplate our Jewelry.
Jewelry Care After wearing this Earring, please rub it with a moist cotton cloth. Be sure to rub the parts which have touched the skin more so that the sweat gets removed. Salt present in human sweat is an enemy of Jewelry !