CZ Bangles

Code 4256085-2.4
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Plating ColourGolden
Stone ColourRed
Stone SizeMix

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Metal High Quality Brass. Brass is an alloy and not a metal. It is mixture of Copper and Zinc mainly. However certain other metals are used to it too. We make our own brass to so that it remains free of harmful chemicals or metals.
Interesting Facts In open-able Bangles the main component is the lock. Our craftsmen and designers have mastered the traditional techniques to ensure that the 'lock' lasts for years.
Gemstone Setting Process Hand setting or Diamond Setting process is done by expert Craftsmen. No Glue or Adhesives are used ! Beware of Fake Cz Jewelry where glass tones are glued and sold as Cz Jewelry !
Plating Process Electroplated with real Gold / Rhodium. Electroplating Bangles is a serious job as Bangles are prone to the highest volume of sweat compared to other Jewelry. and hence we have to take special care during the plating process.
Size Info You will notice that in the product code, all our Bangles have a 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 2.10 etc written at the end. This denotes the diameter of the Bangle. A code like this 771234-2.6 denotes that the inside diameter of the bangle is 2.6 inches wide.
Jewelry Care Bangles remain in contact with skin sweat for a long time and hence needs more care than Earrings, Necklaces etc. Please be sure to rub the base with a moist cotton cloth after use so that the saline depositions get removed.